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“What’s a wet wall?” – Good question. A wet wall is an interior wall that is built usually to hide plumbing or electrical lines. PROBLEM: Wet walls allow a large path for the conditioned air in our homes to escape through “convection,” or air flow, to unheated areas, such as, attics and basements where it is then lost to the exterior. SOLUTION: Air Sealing is the process of limiting this airflow by sealing up air leaks that rob our homes of the conditioned air that we pay to keep our homes at comfortable temperatures & wet walls are MAJOR air leaks. Our crews use caulking, weatherstripping, door sweeps, and in this case, rigid insulation board and a lot of expanding foam to significantly reduce the air leakage of homes. Job well done at this customers home!

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This company is absolutely great. I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Very professional and detail driven.

- Michael Van Camp

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