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Insulation - Weatherization

Specializing in Cellulose Insulation, Air Sealing, Home Ventilation, Vapor Barriers, Spray Foam Insulation, & Fiberglass Insulation

What is Weatherization?

There are new standards for Energy Efficiency in buildings. Traditionally, Insulation was all that was considered in making a building's "thermal envelope" (shell) more energy efficient. However, building science and new building codes have drastically changed that view, and now require builders and contractors to also incorporate air tightness, ventilation and moisture control as part of their work scopes. As a weatherization contractor, American Installations approaches each building with a scientific, whole-building approach to achieve optimal levels of comfort, air quality, and efficiency.

By completing all aspects of the weatherization process, including Air Sealing (sealing air leaks), Mechanical Ventilation (installing fans/equipment to regulate air flow), and Insulation, American Installations can make a significant impact on a building's energy usage, many times cutting fuel and electricity consumption for heating and cooling by 30 - 60%. The residual effects from weatherization can be astounding, including but not limited to the following benefits.


  • Lower Heating & Cooling Costs

  • Increased Home Comfort

  • Improved Air Quality

    • Reducing Respiratory illnesses by up to 40%

  • Reduced Risk of Ice Damming

  • Superior Fire Protection

  • Lower Carbon Footprint


Incentives for Weatherization !!!

Many utility companies offer their clients significant incentives to have Weatherization installed at their homes, by American Installations, at No-Cost or at Highly Discounted Rates. We strongly encourage all of our clients to inquire with us about receiving a Home Energy Assessment for their home, so they can learn about what incentives are available to them through their utility sponsored energy efficiency program. For more information, please give us a call or check out our Home Energy Assessments page.