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Mechanical Ventilation

New Building Codes call for New Home Ventilation Airflow Standards

ASHRAE 62.2 - What's that?


American Installations has always been a company that follows "the code."  Whether that be state building codes or performing installations to manufacturer specifications, doing the job right is very important to us.

"Seal it tight & ventilate right" is the new high efficiency standard. The more air-tight a building is, the more efficient it is, but... "with great efficiency and tightness comes great responsibility" to ensure that enough fresh air is being brought into the building, and enough stagnant air is being pushed out of the building, after all, a home needs to breathe...insert the Panasonic WhisperGreen Select bath fan.


WhisperGreen Select™ Fan

WhisperGreen Select™ is a game-changing solution. Built-in Pick-A-Flow™ speed selector switch allows you to select your required airflow (50-80-110 CFM). Plug 'N Play modules allow further customization. Features a DC Motor with SmartFlow® technology and a Flex-Z Fast installation bracket. Can be used to comply with the latest codes and standards.

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Mechanical Ventilation benefits include:
  • Adjustable Fan Flow Rate set to meet your Home’s required airflow needs

  • Mitigate Odors and Moisture to keep a clean & fresh home/bathroom

  • Automatic sensors provide additional ventilation when necessary

  • Provide additional light and aesthetics to your home/bathroom

  • Quiet Operating noise, highest ventilation setting only 0.3 sones