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Home Energy Assessments

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How it works:

You pay an electric or natural gas utility bill & a portion of that bill pays for Energy Saving Incentives for your Home.

What is a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment?

A certified, background-checked, and drug screened, building professional helps you save money on energy costs and identifies opportunities to improve comfort and air quality in your home.

no-cost benefits

led lighting
LED (whole-house) Replacement Lighting

State of the Art Energy Efficiency, Instant-On technology with options for size, shape, brightnesses, and temperature/hue. Replacing old, inefficient (incandescent style) light bulbs that get very hot and waste up to 12 Times more energy!

advanced powerstrip
Advanced Powerstrips

Appliance Surge Protectors with built in Energy Saving Controllers.

programmable thermostat
Programmable Thermostats

7-Day digital programmable thermostats Save Energy when you work and/or sleep. “Set it aaaaand, Forget it!”

drafty house
Air Leakage / Draft Sealing

No-Cost return visit/work to achieve optimal building air tightness in your home. Can increase air quality and decrease airborne illnesses, such as asthma, by up to 40%!!!

Heating System combustion safety test
Whole-House Safety Testing

Performance & Safety testing on all of your home’s combustion appliances like: Heating Systems, Hot Water Heaters, Gas Ovens, appliances & more.

Get your systems checked, It’s NO-COST!!!

energy audit Mass Save
Custom Home Energy Report

A software-modeled report displaying your home’s Energy Saving Opportunities and Utility Company Incentives $$$

Incentives & Rebates

insulation contractor
75% subsidized: Insulation - Weatherization

Utility sponsored insulation, ventilation, and additional weatherization incentives are explained and offered during the assessment based on your home's eligibility. Some homes qualify for 75%, 90% or even 100% of recommended work to be paid for!!! 

home energy financing
0% Interest Loan

Need work done, but don't want to Break the Bank? Many projects qualify for 0% Interest Loans for up to 7 years (84mths):
- Heating & A/C systems (including Mini-Split systems)
- Insulation / Weatherization Work
- EnergyStar® Windows (replacing single pane windows)
- Hot Water Heaters & More

energy efficient appliance rebates
Appliance Rebates for Energy Efficient Equipment

Getting any new appliances? Energy Assessments qualify you for substantial rebates to make the cost of going efficient even cheaper!
- Heating & A/C systems (including Mini-Splits systems)
- Refrigerators
- Washers & more

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