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Mar 6, 2018

"We don't just do Cellulose, We do it Better." - Featured on Green Building Advisor

As American Installations continues to grow and provide state of the art service to the insulation and building industry, it is inevitable that we are recognized by the leading building efficiency resource organizations. Green Building Advisor just finished their new blog on how the American Installations' install practices are changing the way builders are looking at thermal envelopes and installation specifications. We were excited to share with Peter Yost an insider peak at just how we are achieving the industry's Best thermal envelopes. Take a look...



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Dec 14, 2017

Crew Chief Corner: Wet Walls

"What's a wet wall?" - Good question. A wet wall is an interior wall that is built usually to hide plumbing or electrical lines. PROBLEM: Wet walls allow a large path for the conditioned air in our homes to escape through "convection," or air flow, to unheated areas, such as, attics and basements where it is then lost to the exterior. SOLUTION: Air Sealing is the process of limiting this airflow by sealing up air leaks that rob our homes of the conditioned air that we pay to keep our homes at comfortable temperatures & wet walls are MAJOR air leaks. Our crews use caulking, weatherstripping, door sweeps, and in this case, rigid insulation board and a lot of expanding foam to significantly reduce the air leakage of homes. Job well done at this customers home!

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Nov 6, 2017

Featured on High Performance Building Supply

We at American Installations were excited to be the featured as an Installer Spotlight by High Performance Building Supply. Read a highlight below or see the full blog post on their website.

"American Installations  –  or the aptly abbreviated “A.I.” – prides itself on its forward thinking. They have embraced the Intello revolution and are showing how insulation contractors can be leaders in the ever-changing construction landscape. Brothers Wesley and Wyatt Couture went into business together 5 years ago doing residential insulation in Western Massachusetts. They have worked exclusively with cellulose insulation ever since."

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